Love Morange

I know it’s „pastell time“, but still, „Morange“ by MAC cosmetics is one of my favourite colours. It is similar to the recently hyped „neon orange“ and, honestly, I don’t really know the difference for they really look quite the same. Maybe it is the name „morange“ I like more plus there is perfect matching nailpolish (of course „morange“ too).

morange + Jeans + shirt

morange + grey

morange + knitwear

morange + black

… works great!

MAC Morange matte lipstick_nailpolish

MAC Morange matte lipstick nailpolish | photo via

MAC morange on lips

MAC „morange“ on lips | photo via


Similar to MAC „morange“: Chanel Holiday Le Vernis Nailpolish | photo via

Beside the Lipstick and the nailpolish there is also a matching Lipgloss (MAC calls it „Lipglass“) available, but – personally – in this „colour“-case I like the matte finish more. I think a flamboyant colour with a glossy finish might be the one thing too much.

Where to buy…

MAC morange matte lipstick

MAC morange matte lipstick

you can find it here ->> Lipstick „morange“ (matte)

MAC morange nailpolish

MAC morange nailpolish

you can find it here ->> Nailpolish „morange“ (online exclusive!)



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